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Best Resort for Corporate Outing in Matheran

Best Resort for Corporate Outing in Matheran

Leading Provider Of Best Resort For Corporate Outing In Matheran

If you are finding a resort for corporate and team outing, must visit the scenic location of Matheran in Maharashtra. This is the smallest Hill Station of India Combined with nature’s beauty, wildlife and refreshing ecosystem. There are several numbers of resort for corporate outing in Matheran available here making it reasonable criteria for tourists to visit this location.

The resort for corporate outing in Matheran also has an excellent range of facilities that are perfect for corporate outings, which makes it one of the best corporate outing resorts in India.

Why To Choose Matheran?

Matheran is a hill station in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is a popular tourist destination and it also has numerous corporate outing resorts.

Situated in the western ghats away from Mumbai, Matheran is the hill station which comes under one of the most picturesque places where people search and crave to go for. This Hill Station is contained with 40 view point, two parks, four worship places and two lakes to discover.

Matheran, the hill station in India, offers an amazing view of the Himalayas and also has numerous corporate outing resorts. The best part about these resorts is that they are within walking distance from each other and are located at different spots on the mountain to provide you with a variety of activities.

Matheran’s climate is quite cool during summers and winters and this makes it an ideal place for people who want to escape the heat or cold in their respective cities, but still want to enjoy some outdoor activities.

Signature Specialities Of Matheran

  • Sunset Point (Porcupine)
  • One Tree Hill Point
  • Sunrise Point (Panorama)
  • Dodhani Waterfalls
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Matheran Shiv Temple
  • Pisarnath Mahadev Temple
  • Lords Point
  • Louisa Point
  • Khandala Point, Etc.

“7 Monkey Hills” Resort, Matheran

Our “7 Monkey Hills” resort for corporate outing in Matheran elegantly located in the lushed greenery of Matheran is among the outstanding place to reach for corporate outing with your group.

The resort for corporate outing in Matheran is well accomplished with creatively designed interiors and decors where you can enjoy quality foods, services and other enhanced amenities.

Rooms Available At Reasonable Prices

We have 7 Monkey Hills Hill station resorts for corporate outing in Matheran having big rooms with luxurious facilities offered at the most reasonable rates making them easily referrable by our valuable customers.