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Best Corporate Day Outing in Matheran

Best Corporate Day Outing in Matheran

Leading Provider Of Best Corporate Day Outing In Matheran

There available numerous options to select for corporate day outing and Company Outings in a more relaxing environment for refreshing their mood.

People always want to go for the time to get free from all the troubles of life and spend their precious quality moments.

Matheran is also a great place to unwind from work with some time off from your busy schedule.

“7 Monkey Hills” Resort In Matheran For Corporate Outing

Matheran is a popular destination for corporate outings and team-building activities. It offers an amazing view of the Himalayas, a scenic landscape and plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

Matheran is famous for its scenic beauty and wonderful weather throughout the year. It also has an excellent range of facilities that are perfect for corporate outings, which makes it one of the best resorts for corporate day outing in Matheran.

Matheran is the perfect destination for family outings, team-building events and corporate retreats. It offers the best in outdoor adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding. The peak season for Matheran is from October to May, with most visitors coming from Mumbai and Pune.

Matheran has an attractive glory which sparkles its beauty making it a classic hill station located in lushed greenery. This location for corporate day outing in Matheran gives a feel of closeness to nature and is perfect for the ones who love nature.

Look Out Points In Matheran

  • Sunset Point (Porcupine)
  • One Tree Hill Point
  • Sunrise Point (Panorama)
  • Dodhani Waterfalls
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Matheran Shiv Temple
  • Pisarnath Mahadev Temple
  • Lords Point
  • Echo Point
  • Louisa Point
  • Khandala Point
  • Garbette Point, Etc.

Our “7 Monkey Hills” Resort for corporate day outing in Matheran, Maharashtra is situated in the enchanting valleys of Matheran loaded with Deluxe Designed rooms having amazing interior designs to give you a classic feel and from where you can see the magnificent mountainous ranges.

The resort for corporate day outing in Matheran has deluxe size rooms along with attached bathrooms, Garden, Lawns and luxurious utilities to explore. Our staff has friendly nature which gives a familiar atmosphere to our customers and is 24 hours available for you. We have large parking slot to safeguard your valuable vehicles.