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7 Monkey Hills is the best Resorts in Girivan.They are well surrounded with nature’s greenery including many of the medicinal plants. The perfect time to visit here is rainy and winter season. Nature’s trail at this location changes every season.Girivan is a private hill station situated in a village named Hotale. It is near Kolvan of Mulshi Taluka in Pune, Maharashtra. This hill station is about 2400 feet above the level of sea which is the reason behind its cool and refreshing climate.

Resorts In Girivan

Girivan is a popular tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is famous for its natural beauty and scenic views. The city has a number of resorts in Girivan and hotels that are available for tourists to stay overnight.

Girivan is a resort city located near Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This town was built by the British East India Company as a hill station in 1856.

The Petha Lake, which is also known as Girivan Lake, attracts tourists from all over the world with its natural beauty, scenic views and clean water. The lake attracts not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists who come to see this beautiful place in India.

“7 Monkey Hills” Resort

Our resorts in Girivan is located in the enchanting area of Girivan where you can admire beautiful scenes, capture the nature’s glory, listen to the chirping sound of birds and enjoy these experiences.

We have resort in Girivan with outdoor activities such as cricket, volleyball, football, badminton, etc. for the people who like to prefer outside adventures. Here you can play, boost energy and breath freshness of pure air.

Why To Choose Our Resort In Girivan?

  • Comfortable and Cozy Stay- We provide huge rooms accomplished with all the necessary amenities to give you full comfort.
  • Multi Cuisine Food- here you can have taste of different kind of food varieties like Indian, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, South-Indian and much more.
  • Come here to relish the treasure of nature and let it refresh and rejuvenate you.
  • An Ideal place to visit with family, friends, loved ones, official employees, couples to spend your quality time.