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Best Resorts for Family in Girivan

Best Romantic Resorts in Girivan

7 Monkey Hills-Best Resorts For Family in Girivan

Best resort for family in Girivan deliver natural beauty and scenic views. It is located on a hill that has been converted into a garden with beautiful waterfalls and ponds which makes it perfect for people looking for peace and tanquility while still being close to nature.

Whenever Weekends and Vacations arrive, we always think to go for a calming place outlaying with our family members and have exceptional time with them.

We need relax in our life free from work and away from all the stress, trouble and worries.

A place which relevantly fits this mood is best resort for Family in Girivan in Pune, Maharashtra.

Why To Visit Girivan?

Girivan is a small village in Maharashtra, which can be reached by road from Mumbai. It has been given the tag of one of the best family resorts in India. The villages are surrounded by lush green forests and beautiful waterfalls that are perfect for picnics and outings with your family members or friends.

Girivan boasts of a number of tourist attractions, including waterfalls, caves, lakes, and mountains that will leave you awestruck with their natural beauty and scenic appeal.

  • Girivan is a private Hill station
  • It is a recreational valley located in Hotale Village
  • This place is about 2400 above the level of sea which is the reason behind its cold climate
  • Encircled in lavish greenery of nature and people visit here who love being close to nature
  • Numerous Adventurous Facilities to do here

“7 Monkey Hills” Best Resort For Family in Girivan

We have an excellently placed best resort for family in Girivan. ‘7 MONKEY HILLS’ is one of the most elegantly created resort in Girivan which is flawlessly suitable to visit with your family and relatives.

The best resort for family in Girivan has classic designs and decorations with pretty gardens, lawns and terrace.

Luxurious Rooms At Economical Prices

Our best resort for family in Girivan has grand rooms with classic furnishings giving you an extravagant feel of leisure. The rooms are available at cost effective rates to meet your predictions.

The best resort for family in Girivan has high graded Rooms contained with

  • Queen Size Beds
  • Air Conditioners
  • Flat Screen Colourful TVs
  • Geysers for Hot water supply
  • Basic Furnitures
  • Wardrobes, etc.

By keeping in mind all your convenience